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Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd provides a large range of shoe types and shoe accessories. All products can be easily customised to the individual needs of your horse.

The two main shoe models are described as CCC which has two side clips and one toe clip which can be removed if preferred. The RCC has two side clips but instead of a toe clip the shoe has a roll at the toe for a faster break over.

The shoes have excellent traction on most surfaces. If you require extra grip they can be customised to suit your requirements. The Xtra-Trec™ shoe has extra traction and is suitable when extra grip is needed.

TERRAFLEX™ Horse Shoes can be nailed or glued on. All types of the TERRAFLEX™ shoes are suitable for working horses and normal day to day use. The shoes come graded by colour to guide you through which shoe to choose for your needs but all of the shoes are suitable for most applications.

The TRANSITION shoe (grey) is the hardest shoe, suitable for hooves that require some extra support with the advantage of helping horses adjust when changing from metal shoes.

The JOINT SAVER shoe (orange) is a medium hardness shoe, softer in composition to relieve concussive related stress and strain. The shoe is particularly good for hard working horses at risk of joint complaints such as arthritis.

The MEDIC BLUE (blue) is the softest of the shoe grades. This shoe is suitable for most riding applications with the added benefit of being designed for therapeutic treatments.  Laminitis and other common pathologies that require support whilst still allowing the hoof to function in a more natural way respond well to the medic blue.

It is recommended that you try the different grades until you find which one suits your horse and your activity.

The shoe sizes are universal and can be used for either front or hind hooves. Our current sizes and the measurements are listed in the table below.

Sizing the shoes can be done via measurements of width and length or by ordering a FIT KIT which contains 4 sizes of shoes to try against the hoof to determine the correct size.

The FIT KIT comes in 3 size variations to suit small, medium or large hooves. FIT KITS can be found on the Accessories page.

Please compare your hoof measurements on the table below with our shoe sizes to ensure you order the correct size.

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